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UK TV Guide

A UK TV Guide for your BlackBerry Smartphone. BBM enabled and works with OS 5.0+




Warp and stretch pictures and then share the results with friends!

ImageWarp lets you take a picture on your BlackBerry PlayBook or select an existing photo and stretch and warp the image. You can then save your picture and can share it with friends. If at any point you dislike the effect you have applied, you can undo the stretch or warp at a click of a button to return the image to its previous state.

The software is easy to use and the strength of the warp tool can be easily changed to help you achieve your desired effect.






Free Version Features:

  • Stretch and Warp images.
  • Control the strength of the applied warp tool.
  • Undo any stretching or warping at any stage.
  • Watermark applied to the saved image.

Full Version Features:

  • No watermark on the saved image.